ISO ONLINE IoT software - Information requirements and IoT connection equipment

To be able to apply ISO-Online IoT, the organization must maintain a network connection so that IoT endpoints throughout the organization can "talk" to each other or through the content network. cloud computing platform. Successful application of ISO Online IoT system requires training and systematic guidance for all staffs in the organization so that they can operate well in the ISO management system. <span title="Online IoT. ">Online IoT.

<span title="Các đơn vị/ tổ chức nào cần thiết áp dụng ISO-online IoT? ">Which organizations / institutions need to apply ISO-online IoT?

<span title="ISO-online IoT là bộ phần mềm được thiết kế dựa trên công nghệ nền tảng điện toán đám mây kết nối IoT có khả năng xử lý dữ liệu lớn với tốc độ cao tương thích với các chuẩn an ninh mạng https//. ">ISO-online IoT is a software suite based on the IoT-based cloud computing platform, which is capable of handling large amounts of data at high speeds compatible with the https /

The software is suitable for any organization regardless of the type of scale with the desire to implement digital technology to manage and control the processes and operations of the business based on capable digital devices. <span title="kết nối IoT. ">IoT connection.

<span title="Cần gì để áp dụng phần mềm ISO Online IoT? ">What do I need to apply ISO IoT software?

<span title="Để áp dụng ISO-online IoT đơn vị cần đảm bảo: ">To apply ISO-Online IoT units need to ensure:

<span title="+ Mạng thông tin dữ liệu có khả năng kết nối các thiết bị số IoT ">+ Data communication network capable of connecting IoT digital devices

<span title="+ Đường truyền đủ mạnh để chia sẻ dữ liệu IoT và tài nguyên mạng ">+ Transmission is strong enough to share IoT data and network resources

<span title="+ Hệ điều hành Windows Server, hệ quản trị cơ sở dữ liệu SQL server (nếu sử dụng máy chủ riêng với IP tĩnh) ">+ Windows Server operating system, SQL Server database management system (if using separate servers with static IP)

+ Software users should carefully read the software manual and take part in the training to be able to use and operate the software in a proficient manner.

Organizations and enterprises wishing to register using ISO ONLINE IoT software, please contact:

- VINTECOM International Office in Hanoi: 16th Floor - Green Stars City - 234 Pham Van Dong, North Tu Liem Dist. Hanoi. Hotline 094-886-5288 / (024) 730-588-58
- VINTECOM International Office in HCM: Golden City House - 182 Ha Huy Giap, District 12, HCMC. HCM. Hotline 0938-083-998 / (028) 7300-7588
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