VDA 6.3 Training course - Process Audit according to VDA 6.3 Standard of the German Association of the Automotive Industry at Bosch Vietnam Company (Germany)

💢 VDA 6.3 Training course - Process Audit according to VDA 6.3 Standard of the German Association of the Automotive Industry
VDA QMC: setting standards, putting qualification into practice. The Quality Management Center (QMC) has existed for the benefit of German automotive OEM’s and their suppliers since August 1997.
VINTECOM International has conducted a training course for process auditors in accordance with VDA 6.3- Standard of the German Association of Automotive Manufacturers VDA-QMC for the manufacturing processes of spare parts. The automotive industry is assessed to ensure the maintenance of production processes capacity.

Process assessment according to VDA 6.3 is an important method as well as for establishing analysis of processes in the automotive industry taking into account the risk factors that need to be identified and controlled throughout the manufacturing and automotive parts manufacturing.VDA 6.3 provides step-by-step instructions for organizing a detailed process assessment based on the risk and complexity of the organization's product service processes and application Process assessment across the entire product lifecycle, including manufacturing/service delivery, includes assessment questions and criteria, and evaluates process results according to a rigorous process standard. The assessed organization needs to achieve the necessary score to meet the requirements of the VDA 6.3 questionnaire and standard criteria to be considered a manufacturer of reliable quality, however in cases where there are Quality may be downgraded if violation of one of the requirements results in only limited quality approval or immediate removal of the supplier.

It is known that Bosch Vietnam established the Bosch Automotive Technology Research and Development Center with more than 70 engineers specializing in the development of comprehensive technologies, products and solutions for domestic and foreign markets. The Bosch Automotive Technology Research and Development Center has helped shape the future of this industry in Vietnam. Efforts to "localize" products to better serve the needs of the domestic market, application of a technical network and new solutions according to global quality standards.
Products in the portfolio include continuously variable transmission (CVT) belts and fuel delivery modules. In addition to promoting modern technologies for Bosch's two automotive technology factories in Vietnam and Thailand, the center has begun to cooperate with other Bosch units in Asia Pacific. , Europe, North and South America..

With the implementation of process assessment according to VDA 6.3 standard at all processes, manufacturing activities of auto parts and components and evaluate the capacity of suppliers in the global supply chain to ensure operational results. Dynamic automotive QMS management system achieves process capability, ensuring a confidence score with each manufacturing process to meet the increasing requirements of the automotive industry, customer expectations about the quality of products and services provided by the Company. 

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