ISO online IoT - Software solution for the ISO-Online connection management system based on cloud computing technology.

Why use ISO online IoT?

ISO online IoT is essentially an electronic ISO management system that connects many IoT-based applications based on cloud computing. In particular, the management system text is digitized to ensure traceability and verification of any process, operating in the organization's ISO ONLINE IoT Software.
The application of ISO online IoT's management system will create a modern and professional working environment for information exchange, fast response to update requests and access to information at any setting. IoT number, which ensures the consistency of information and control information - avoids duplication and minimizes the use and management of documents, documents, saving time, storage and search. and printing costs.
ISO online IoT creates an environment that allows easy and fast exchange of local information, information anytime, anywhere to shorten work time, increase productivity, manage data centrally. and consistent, the document and file system is centrally managed and allows for the issuance and approval of document documents and online work on the network. In addition, the ISO online IoT system is designed with the ability to extend remote access information regardless of geographic location via the Internet.
Compared with the traditional ISO, ISO online IoT has the benefit of being the target customer of ISO in the enterprise. Specifically, for quality management, document management system documentation is made simple, easy and fast - just add one document to the system then all the people involved immediately. was received and accessible immediately.
Employees can find any document they need at any time. Be able to read a tutorial or fill out a form while doing your work, never misbehaving. The management and record keeping of the work is done easily and centrally and all system files will be saved for specific jobs. The process of creating a profile and approving online profiles when doing work, integrated internal email system for information exchange, alerts of all changes of any document, the system allows Easy access and search for records.
For managers: can control the entire profile, job, and status of each job assigned to the subordinate. Workflow, personnel, and customer reports can be viewed instantly in your office without having to wait for a few days. At every moment can control the performance of the work they have to do and work assigned - status, progress.

What do I need to apply ISO online IoT?
To apply ISO online IoT businesses must have an intranet system so that computers across the enterprise can "talk" to each other or over the internet. In addition, the enterprise needs to prepare the application platform necessary for running the application. Windows Server operating system, SQL Server database management system.


Successful application of ISO online system IoT requires the following conditions: training, systematic guidance for all employees in the enterprise so that everyone can operate proficiently in the system.

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