Why need to environment management under ISO 14001 standard? Training For Environmental Management System ISO 14001 at Fulin Plastic Taiwan Company.

Why need to environment management under ISO 14001 standard ? How does manage waste discharge under requirement of ISO 14001 standard .


According to the terms and definitions of ISO 14001 Environment is defined as: "Everything surrounding where an organization's activities, including air, water, land, natural resources, flora, fauna, humans, and the relationship between them" and what surrounds mentioned here are from an internal organization expanded to global system..



To operate the application of environmental management system ISO 14001, organizations and businesses have to implement a series of coordinated measures from planning activities, responsibility of implementing procedures, the specific resources process, policy, objectives and management of environmental aspects of the organization which cause significant adverse impacts on the environment. This includes the use of practices, technologies including materials to remove or otherwise reduce the creation, emission or discharge of any pollutants or wastes in order to minimize to the acceptable extent possible of environmental impacts caused their disadvantage.


As explained above, the management of the environmental aspects of an organization is an important requirement to prevent environmental pollution. For wastewater discharge aspects to environment, organizations must perform a series of necessary measures such as reducing or eliminating the source, process change, material substitution, reuse, recovery , regeneration, recycling and disposal. Monitoring environment is only a requirement country to gather information, to monitor discharge status meet legal requirements or result of environmental performance that the organization was committed and published or not? In addition the organization must implement a series of synchronized other requirements of the ISO 14001 standard as:

-         To choose the technical and technological measures, suitable material or others.

-         Must be available documented procedures to implement control processing system before and after discharge into the environment.

-         Make sure the operator and the responsible individuals involved are trained, skilled and qualified and are aware of the importance of environmental protection and the environmental consequences.

-         Must have a plan to respond to emergency situations that may occur when harmful impact to the water environment.

-         Must evaluate the compliance of the work performance and operation for timely detection, timely prevent the lack of compliance which can affect environmental performance

-         Must implement the necessary corrective actions when it detects the mismatch and other appropriate.


To meet the process of international economic integration, in accordance with national legislation on the environment as well as enhancement of image, culture and the brand towards sustainable development. Organizations and businesses should look to build implementation and application of EMS in activities or products or services of an organization.


VINTECOM International has just completed training course of environmental management system according to international standard ISO 14001 for Fulin Plastic Taiwan Company which has head factory located in Amata Industrial Park, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai province, total employees is about 900 people.



FULIN specializes in manufacturing high-end faux leather goods, plastic film, plastic film grain which are provided to well-known brands such as Yamaha, Toyota, Honda, Piago and Suzuki. FULIN current is leader in the field of faux leather and plastic film and it is ranked in top of 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam, the top of 300 leading brands in Vietnam and top of 100 well-known brands in Asian.


This article was made by Technical Committee of Conformity Assessment of VINTECOM International.


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