OHSAS 18001 certification, SA 8000 certification - Safety Management System for Occupational Health

OHSAS 18001 certification, SA 8000 certification

Customer after consultancy completion establish for Safety Management System for Occupational Health according to OHSAS 18001/ SA 8000 standards may be require ISO certification to ensure the rights and benefits of the formal announcement outside in accordance with standards application.

Benefits of organizations, businesses certified as OHSAS 18001/ SA 8000:

- To enhance the trust of customers, partners, communities and around the other interested parties.

- Affirming the commitment of top leaders in business application implementation, maintenance and continual improvement to the safety management system of occupational health to ensure workers rights are guaranteed to be made work in a safe working environment and the necessary conditions for improving the health and quality of work to meet the requirements.

- Meet the requirements of the law regarding the mandatory requirement of law.

- Advanced image, corporate culture and brand.

- Improving the competitiveness of products and services as a condition to supply.

These organizations, businesses need OHSAS 18001/ SA 8000 ?

OHSAS 18001/ SA 8000 is applicable to all organizations and businesses, regardless of the type, size and product and service suppliers. Any organization may also apply the OHSAS 18001/ SA 8000 standard for the field operations of the business. 

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