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ISO 14001 training courses, Internal audit for ISO 14000- VINTECOM TRAINING CENTRE

Training supply skills leadership, personnel in the position to meet the job requirements and job skills that this also shows that businesses are investing to improve the quality of the staff team.

In response to customer requests to use the services of professional training of VINTECOM Training Center, We're open continuous for training course "Auditor/ Lead auditor internal for Environmental management system for ISO 14001"

ISO 14001 training purposes:

- Training internal auditors to help learner understand the contents of the internal assessment as well as bring out the principles and process of how to conduct internal audits to ISO 14001.

- Helps learner understand the role and importance of internal auditors in the application and operation of Environmental management system for ISO 14001.

- Equip students with the experience and the practical examples in the conduct of internal audits in many organizations.

Participants Learner:

- Quality Leadership, individuals assigned to manage or conduct internal audits for ISO 14001 quality management system;

- Consultant, Auditor/ Lead auditor;

- Individuals who wish to become an expert evaluation of the Environmental management system for ISO 14001

- Individuals wishes to reach a professional auditor

- Organizations need to improve the capacity of internal auditors

- Directors, deputy directors, CEOs, leaders and representatives of the EMS.

Training certificates:

- Completion of the training course to meet the requirements of VINTECOM Training Centre will be certified internal auditor of Environmental management system for ISO 14001, be able to:

- Preparation and management programs, plans internal review or evaluation and certification;

- To perform internal audits or external according to the international standards;

- Identify needs and organize activities to improve the Environmental management system for ISO 14001.

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