CE Marking certification for machinery and equipment exported to the European market. Introduce CE certification procedure, registration procedure and quotation for CE Marking certification service compliance with the EU directive.

CE Marking certification for machinery and equipment exported to the European market. Introduce CE certification procedure, registration procedure and quotation for CE Marking certification  service compliance with the EU directive.
Organizations and enterprises to obtain CE certification and are allowed to place CE marking on products need to follow the following requirements in order.
Before you place the CE marking on a product, you need to know what the EU Directives apply to your product. You may not apply the CE mark to a product outside the scope of a published EU directive.
The CE certification process you need to follow depends on the directives that apply to your product.
1. Define the EU directive (s) and harmonized standards applicable to the product
There are more than 20 EU directives set out for a list of products that require CE marking. The essential requirements that the product must meet, for example safety, are created at the EU level and are set forth in the general clauses in these directives. The European harmonized standards are issued with reference to the applicable directives and represent essential safety requirements in detailed technical terms.
2. Check out product specific requirements
You can ensure that your products comply with the essential requirements of the relevant EU legislation. The use of the harmonization standards remains voluntary. You may decide to choose other ways to meet these essential requirements. If you do not follow the safety requirements of a written standard, you will need to demonstrate that your product is safe by presenting relevant documents.
3. Determine whether an independent conformity assessment is required from an EU-Accredited Authority?
Each directive includes your product specifying whether an EU authorized third party (NB Notified Authority) should participate in the conformity assessment process required for CE marking. This is not required for all products, so it is important to check whether the Notified Agency involvement is required. These bodies are mandated by the EU-authorized national authorities and are officially 'notified' to the European Commission and listed on the NANDO (Designated and Notified Organization) database. New approach).
4. Test the product and check its suitability
If you manufacture a product it is your responsibility to test the product and check its compliance with EU legislation (conformity assessment procedure). As a general rule, part of the procedure is a risk assessment. By applying relevant European harmonization standards, you will be able to fulfill the essential legal requirements of the directives.

Figure 1. The CE audit team of VINTECOM International at the site. 
5. Develop and provide necessary technical documentation
If you manufacture a product, you need to establish the technical documentation required by the directive (s) to assess the product's compliance with the relevant requirements and to assess the risk. You must be able to present technical documentation and EC DoC to the relevant NB agencies, if so requested.
6. Affix the CE label on your product and the EC Compliance Statement
The CE mark must be placed on the product by the manufacturer or their authorized representative in the EEA or Turkey. It must be in the legal format for its product or data sheet. It should be visible, easy to read, and cannot be deleted. If an Agency is notified to participate in production control, its identifier must also be displayed. It is the manufacturer's responsibility to construct and sign an ‘EC DoC’ proving that the product meets the requirements. That's it, and your CE marked product is ready to go to market.
Use the CE mark
Once you have met the conformity assessment requirements for the CE marking, you must affix the CE marking to your product or its packaging. There are specific rules for using CE marking for your products, as well as rules for recreating the CE marking symbol.
In general, you should affix the CE marking to the product itself, but it can also be listed on the packaging, manuals and other supporting documents. The rules for the use of the CE mark vary depending on the specific EU directive that applies to the product, and you should study the application guidelines. All of the following general rules apply:
The CE Mark is placed only by you - as the manufacturer - or by your authorized representative
The CE marking is not placed on products that are not covered by relevant European directives
By applying the CE marking, you are solely responsible for the conformity of the product to the requirements of the relevant directives.
The CE marking may only be used to indicate product compliance with the relevant directives
Do not place any mark or mark that could misinterpret the meaning or appearance of the CE mark to third parties
Other marks placed on products must not conceal the CE mark
Member States will ensure they follow a regime of regulation of the CE marking. They will take appropriate action in the event of misuse of the trademark and impose penalties for infringements, which may include criminal sanctions for serious offenses.

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