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I. The birth and the meaning of GMP and HACCP

HACCP to control all the factors affecting food safety and hygiene during food processing design, construction and installation workshops, equipment, tools and processing conditions for standard tasks Processing to processing, packaging, storage and implementation of human food processing operations. The regulation is to create conditions for food production facilities to build rules violation in accordance with specific conditions, scale, technology level of their. The regulations give rules to practice general hygiene applied in food processing (including cultivation and harvesting, handling, processing, packing, storage, transportation, distribution and sales) for people to ensure food produce safe, healthy and nutritious. In addition it aims, based on which to build rules violation on hygiene practices for food or other goods requiring special group must meet the special requirements of hygiene products.
HACCP has been formed in the 1960s when the company's Pillsbury U.S. military and research institutions Aviation America (NASA) sought to coordinate the production of safe food for the space program. NASA wanted a "completely non-disabled" to ensure safety of the food that astronauts use in space. Pillsbury Company has proposed and arranger HACCP system can create the highest security level can be mitigated but remains active in the test samples and finished product stages. HACCP focuses on control in stages and use these techniques regularly monitored at key control points from the first step in processing. The concept of HACCP was Pillsbury presented publicly at the conference in 1971 to protect food. In 1974 the principles of HACCP have been the product of the U.S. Food and Drug (FDA) to fully implement for canned food. In the 80 years this method was more free food companies applying different. 1985, Academy of National Science United States has recommended that to ensure the safety of food, the processing they must comply with the requirements of the HACCP system. Recently, many international organizations like International Committee for Food (ICMSF), International Association of Milk, Food and Environmental Sanitation (IAMFES) have many recommendations on application of HACCP.

HACCP methods systematic and scientific, it identified the threat as well as special measures to control to ensure safe food. It is a tool to assess the threat and establish control systems focus on prevention rather than testing at the finished product stage. In all cases, the HACCP system is to create conditions for the development of technology and processing advances.
II. Content of GMP and HACCP
Requirements of GMP:
- Request a home, factory and processing facilities: This request requires the construction of food processing establishments should consider the position to match with a food processing facility to clean system cool, do not pollute the environment, no place where a healthy environment. etc.
- Provisions on the requirements to control hygiene workshops such as waste water treatment, product, preservative chemicals cause insurance, birth control pests and personal belongings
- Control processing: Check all activities must comply with basic hygiene principles of GMP, must have quality control measures so that the critical control points are controlled through processing. Implement precautions contaminated product, test the target micro-chemistry, impurities in the phases required to determine risk of infection. Products contaminated or metamorphic be removed or processed to reduce toxins.
- Requirements on people: For food processing facilities, the requirements for people on the team work is very important. Necessarily have to check the health (physical, intellectual resources and disease) of all people, especially workers in direct contact with food to avoid spreading infectious diseases. Must make regulations in health checks for personnel regularly visit the hospital to ensure only those eligible will be health to continue working in food production facilities. Must often through education for staff employees in their establishments that preserve health and personal hygiene to ensure the requirements were set out.
- Control preservation and distribution: Take out the requirements for transport and storage so that the finished product to ensure to avoid contamination of food by agents physics, chemistry, microbiology. . . decomposition and not food.
Through the requirements mentioned above shows that GMP can be considered a precursor system, it refers to all elements related to the minimum quality and hygiene in food processing. From the position of the base structure of each department, from line technology to the environment, from equipment and tools to people, from high waste to intermediate products, additives, raw materials and finished products. Successfully built GMP will ensure business certainly high quality products for food safety and hygiene.
III. The requirements of the HACCP system:
HACCP system consists of seven basic principles as follows:
Principle 1. Must analyze the threat: Identifying hazardous or potentially hazardous associated through at all stages of food production; production process from raw material handling, processing, distribution to target stage final acceptance. Evaluation easily dried out threat and identify solutions to control them.
2.Xac principles of critical control points (CCPS): identify points / procedures / steps in which operations should be controlled to eliminate the threat or restricts a possible possibility out of them. The term "points" here may be one stage or another stage in the processing of food, from raw material preparation, receiving or harvesting, transport, collection, preservation, etc.
Principle 3: Set the critical threshold: Set the critical threshold to ensure that critical control points (CCP) is the condition under control.
Principle 4. Establish monitoring system status are controlled by the critical threshold: Set the system testing or monitoring periodically to monitor the situation under control of critical control points (CCP).
Principle 5: If the activities to be conducted to overcome when monitoring indicates a CCP particular point in the situation under control.
Principle 6: If the verification procedures to confirm that the HACCP system is going well.
Principle 7: Set the document relating to all procedures, all reports to match with the six principles and is suitable for applying them.

IV. Applying GMP and HACCP
To apply HACCP success requires commitment and participation of leaders and all people. It also requires the participation of many sciences, such as sanitation and safety sectors in agriculture, sanitation plants, chemical, construction techniques of dung.vv The application of HACCP fully with the application of quality management systems such as ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 - and itself is a solution the first choice of superiority on the management of food safety. Experts believe that the quality of the food processing establishments to apply the GMP, HACCP and ISO 9000 if possible, systems will create quality homes for sustainable basis. Can be the foundation for GMP, ISO 9000 and HACCP are the pillars of the roof. A mechanism foodstuff to conditions apply to both systems is sure their products will win in the competition in the market.
The application of HACCP is conducted according to the following:
Setting up a HACCP activities.
Product description.
Stating purposes.
Construction scheme process.
Scheme evaluation process at the scene of the actual production process.
List all the critical aspects involved in each step, we carried out analysis and consider any measures to control the threat was just that.
Identify critical control points.
Set thresholds for each critical control point CCP.
Establish monitoring and evaluation system for each control point.
Set of actions to overcome.
Establish procedures for verification.
Established method documentation and store them.
All businesses and industries to successfully apply HACCP must comply with the principles of food hygiene - GMP. If the conditions of infrastructure as well as the urgent requirements of the stage to ensure hygiene is not the first to solve the first stage. Because of this, which is known GMP system prerequisites, HACCP system also support the establishments have applied GMP but want to do better. Want to apply the HACCP establishments are required to apply GMP before. No can not have HACCP GMP. When evaluating and recording the level of food safety has improved through application of HACCP system or recognition of its leading role in the food industry, people realize that the application of HACCP is always required asked a movement of the whole community and requires the Government to have a direct role in the process of implementing HACCP.
According to the Act's most recent round-table conference on the Uruguay Trade and Tariffs (GATT), Agreement on the application of sanitary and safety measures for plants and animals (SPS) and Agreement on the fence Technical trade trends apply the provisions of the Codex Committee is being very interested. Therefore the Codex Committee documents including "instructions apply HACCP system" has become a source of reference for the requirements of international food safety. The application of HACCP is considered an indispensable part of the document is directed by the Codex.
Application of new management methods in the field of international quality management of food hygiene and safety meet the requirements of GMP and HACCP will help Vietnamese companies are eligible to penetrate into the commercial market business world, participate in the AFTA Trade Agreement, World Trade Organization WTO, TPP and other.

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