ISO 14001 consultants in Vietnam- Requirements of ISO 14001:2015 - Environmental management system (EMS consulting by VINTECOM)

- Policy Environment
Requirements for the environmental policy is outlined in section 4.2 of the standard. An environment management system has certain structural or not depends very much on working out the environmental policies of the leader. Anyone already working in a business environment evenly noticed by the senior management commitment important how. Debt, any travel plans are prepared stand a good experience failed. Environmental policy must include the commitment of the leader. The commitment that is committed to continuous improvement, committed to the prevention of industrial pollution and is committed to complying with the requirements of the law.
- Environmental aspects:
Next after making environmental policy planning process, starting with determining the environmental aspects and other aspects of the environment significantly (environmental aspects critical field). Term environmental aspects under the standard is defined as the elements of activities, products or services your organization may have interact with the environment. Environmental aspects means that health aspects cause significant impact to the environment, in which environmental impacts are a changing environment by full or in part (both harmful and beneficial ) caused by activities, products and services business.
- Legal requirements and other requirements:
Determining the requirements of the legislation on the environment and other environment requirements related to business is a required element of the EMS. Along with the prevention of industrial pollution commitment and continuous improvement, the ISO 14001 standard required business is demonstrated commitment to comply with the environmental requirements of the parties involved in the policy environment of business. Other stakeholders outside government institutions on environmental management (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, represented by the Department of Environment, Natural Resources and Environment provinces / bar) may be the management board of industrial zones , customers (especially European customers or ...), Japanese bank lending, insurance or the local community surrounding ...
- Goals and objectives:
After you've identified the environmental aspects and impacts related to the environment, determine the rules, standards need to comply, businesses need to create goals and targets to guide implementation and a base rate effective EMS. But from a target can only issue that many goals (and vice versa) and is divided into the period made the difference. Work to spend with the many high level people to help them achieve business become more feasible.
- Program management environment:
ISO 14001 standard requires enterprises to establish and maintain environmental management programs to reach the target, only targets have been set up. Environmental management program is designed well will help your goals and objectives only become feasible. Core element of the program is to specify human factors, time and measures required to achieve objectives.
- Structure and responsibilities:
This is the first step of the process and make the OS. By assigning so, specify the resources for implementation and control EMS is very important work and necessary. An important position should be appointed as the representative of the leadership environment (EMR). EMR is responsible on behalf of the leadership, helping leaders EMS an operating system efficiently. So EMR have to be a voice in the business, get the trust of people and is a person able to manage.
- Training, awareness and capacity:
Businesses must establish procedures to ensure that all personnel actions and acknowledge its role in ensuring the operation of the EMS. Therefore, businesses must have procedures to identify training needs for your staff. All employees that work can cause significant environmental impacts must be training the knowledge and certain skills. That may be the skills about computer security operation, the necessary knowledge to cope when a problem occurs environment due to their activities. In addition all employees in the business must be in the policy environment of the smart companies, in that the requirements of the EMS.
- Information contact:
Contact information is an important requirements of the ISO 14001 standard, in which mention both internal communication between all levels and functions of different parts of the enterprise and external information between enterprises other parties concerned.
- EMS Documents system: 
The ISO 14001 system is determined based on the rank of the EMS document system. The document must describe the essential factors of the EMS and no relationship. The document mainly EMS is manual environment and procedures (process) them.
- Control documents:
EMS documentation system in business very diverse and rich. They are manual environment, processes, forms, work instructions ... therefore need different management method for each different type material. Documents such as forms, procedures, manuals and other documents described the activities of the system. Once the basic elements of the EMS been identified, along with documents related to the overall implementation documents that need to be controlled. Control documents are necessary to ensure that important documents have been updated and as soon as needed. This is an important step to ensure the right people do their work.
- Control operator:
Control operator is an important requirements of ISO 14001. With this request, the business will have to identify the control procedures necessary to ensure that the policy environment is the monitor and achieve these objectives. This is an important stage and needs to spend more time at least to establish the system should document the business. The purpose of control is operating, but only the most significant impact is based on policies and goals of the business. Performance control will help improve the operating environment and business activities of enterprises.
- The availability and meet the state of emergency:
Business must establish and maintain procedures to identify and respond to potential accidents and emergencies happen as well as prevent and minimize the impacts caused by them. Business must also regularly review and adjust procedures preparedness for reasonable, must regularly exercise emergency.
- Monitoring and measurement:
Want to know your EMS business activity is not effective or the need to resolve issues between test parameters must be indicative for the activity. For results of the parameters that there must be a process measured. Measuring will be based on indicators and metrics should be recorded and saved. Request in order to monitor the standards, measurement of the effectiveness of the system see the system work effectively not. Result of this process is evidence for the operation of the system, while not only the relevant points need attention focused resolve. In addition, the standard requires enterprises to monitor, assess periodically the level of compliance with legal requirements relating to your work. Also for devices used in process monitoring and furniture need to be sure they are editing, calibration and periodic prescribed.
- Non-relevant and actionable fix preemptive action:
Businesses establish and maintain procedures to determine the responsibility and authority in handling and investigating non-relevant, given the action in order to minimize any environmental impact and take actions to correct dress, appropriate preemptive action. Standard also requires that the organization must change procedures if necessary to ensure relevance, and which is also considered a result of action fix, preemptive action. A request important to business is to perform and record any change as a result of any action to resolve and prevent the creation of procedures has been made in writing.
- Profile:
ISO 14001 standard clearly defined manage all documents and records, including document management described in section 4.4.5 of the standard. Managing the records mentioned in section 4.5.3 of the standard. Managing records is essential for organizations to certify they have made the EMS have outlined. Just like in other parts, for managing records, standard ISO 14001 also requires organizations to establish and maintain procedures to identify, maintain and remove records. Records EMS the business records must include both training and the results of the evaluation process and EMS The review of the leadership.
- Rating EMS:
ISO 14001 standard requires evaluating EMS to determine whether the system has made the plan to or not, view is consistent with ISO 14001 standard, has made and how to maintain a appropriate or not. Standard also requires organizations to establish and maintain procedures and programs for evaluating EMS. Periodic job evaluation EMS will review whether all required EMS have made the only method that has been or not.
- Consider your leaders:
The final element of the ISO 14001 standard is the work of the leadership review. This requires the highest leaders of business must review system EMS ensure suitability and effectiveness of the system. Our review of the leadership is the key to continuous improvement and make sure EMS will continue to satisfy the needs of business over time and create opportunities to help better system efficiency EMS about the cost and efficiency.

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