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The efficient use and control information security plays a very important role in the management and administration and success of every organization and enterprise.
If this information as a reason not to be controlled and managed well can cause:
- Loss of information can not be restored;
- Lack of necessary information when needed;
- Do not make the most efficient of the information;
- Loss of information outside. . . .

Such management information security effectively important decision the success of every organization and business in the knowledge economy.
For most enterprises, information technology system is the brain of the unit, so ensuring safety for this system plays crucial role in the system overall information security business.

The application of system safety management information according to ISO 27001 is a requirement necessary in management. Sets international standards on safety management information compiled by the International Organization of Quality (International Standardization Organization) and International Council of Electronic IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) in 2005, known as ISO 27001:2005 . This standard has been applied widely in many countries around the world and has also been successfully applied in a number of businesses in Vietnam.

Benefits of ISO 27001 application

Protecting information security is an indispensable task of the enterprises in the business environment today. The application of a standard has been recognized and applied in many parts of the world such as ISO 27001 will lead to business the following benefits:

First, the information assets of enterprises will be protected. As mentioned above, the property information is the most important assets of the business. Application management systems information security standards, enterprises can be classified and have priority to reasonably protect the property of their important information.

Second, process management and business information will be optimized. The standardized information systems will impact the process of information management, helping businesses get the optimal practices for managing information, which helps them to improve the use of information resources management information.

Tuesday, the standardized information systems will contribute to improving the trust of customers and partners in general. The preservation of a customer information system will create confidence for customers when dealing with enterprise business, which creates great advantage in improving the position and image of the business.

The last benefit is not less important is to raise awareness of risk information to employees: standardizing information security system will help businesses with their training methods, training to raise awareness of staff in the protection of information security business.

Some notes to successfully apply ISO 27001

First, priority should be building management systems information security referred to as ISMS (Information Security Management System). Enterprises must establish, implement, implement, monitor and improve the ISMS own system as a framework for managing business risks related to business information. Building management systems information security, including making information security policies, processes and procedures for information management, analysis and identify risks, establish control, management resources.

In addition, enterprises need to ensure information security controls are applied based on 11 control group, the ISO and make research. It includes all aspects necessary to protect information security in an organization. Businesses can study and application of control in their units to match. Control groups include:

1. Control group related to information security policies of the whole enterprise are made by business leaders;

2. Control group related to organizational information security business;

3. Control group related information assets;

4. Group control information security-related personnel and management personnel of the enterprise;

5. Control group regarding safety and physical environment, such as security devices, storage, office ...;

6. Control group related to management operations and communications;

7. Control group regarding access system users;

8. Control group related to the deployment, development and maintenance of information systems;

9. Control group related to management information security incidents;

10. Control group related to business plan continued: the control is related to the establishment of the reserve in case of disasters do happen to stop information system operation, the backup process This is to ensure the business continues after the disaster occurred;

11. Comply with the regulations: the control to ensure compliance with laws and regulations of the State or organization concerned.

Businesses need more active in managing information security for directions to the international standards in management to minimize the risks of information security. Currently, in Vietnam and other companies have achieved ISO 27001 certification as New Century, Luvina, many enterprises in the field of telecom and banking are also in the research process and learn to apply this standard . When research and application of ISO 27001 standards, businesses can contact the Office VINTECOM for assistance, to ensure the application properly and achieve the desired effect

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