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Health and safety at work is a general term to cover a wide range of effects which may be created by activities and events which occur at the workplace. Exactly what is covered?
Health relates to the physical condition of both body and mind, of all people at the workplace (workers, contractors and visitors) and their protection from harm in the form of injury or disease.
Safety relates to the conditions at the workplace and applies to the pursuit of a state where the risk of harm has been eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level.
Welfare relates to the general well-being of workers at the workplace and the promotion of conditions which help to provide for their needs in respect of health, comfort, social and personal well-being. This broader concept of welfare is not a specific concern of health and safety at work, but effective health and safety measures may contribute to the conditions which promote it.
Environmental protection can be seen as comprising two types:
The workplace environment, which relates to the general conditions in the immediate area of the workplace itself – for example, levels of lighting, noise, heat, etc.
The external environment, which relates to pollution of, or damage to, the air, land, water and living creatures outside of the workplace, insofar as they may be affected by workplace activities.
The second type is not generally considered to be part of health and safety at work, since its focus is not on the protection of people at the workplace. However, some of the issues with which it is concerned are shared with those of health and safety and there is a degree of common practice and methods between them.
This standard applies above to all organizations wishing to eliminate or minimize risk to employees or investors that may fall into the safety risks to occupational health of their activities.
Organizations applying OHSAS 18001/ ISO 45001/ ISO 26001/ SA 8000/ NeBosh system is responsible and powers are clearly defined, with targets for improvement, with measurable results and methodology is built to risk assessment. This includes monitoring the lack of ability to manage health and safety, assessment activities and review policies and objectives.
• Identify hazards and control the identification and risk assessment
• legal requirements and other requirements
• The OHS programs and objectives
• Resources, roles, responsibilities, and authority explanation.
• Capacity, training and awareness
• Communication, participation and consultation.
• Manage implementation
• Prepare and respond to emergencies.
• Measurement, monitoring and improving the implementation
As we have noted, health and safety is based on removing, or minimising, the causes of accidents and other events in the workplace which may have adverse effects on workers. It should be clear now that this cause-and-effect relationship is not always easily identifiable and, as the processes and activities in the workplace continue to develop, that the complexity of the problem is a continuing obstacle to good standards of health and safety. However, other obstacles arise from the nature of the workplace itself – the characteristics both of the organisation within which work is carried out (including private commercial businesses and public sector bodies) and of the people who carry out the work.

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