ISO Consultant of management systems under International ISO Standards, International Economic Integration Standards, TPP and ASEAN economic community

Consulting management  to meet the requirements of International Economic Integration, TPP and ASEAN economic community.

International economic integration has helped the world become more flat than in the free-trade activity and investment. Vietnam joined the WTO, TPP, ASEAN Economic Community and have been signing  other important free trade agreements which are bilateral and multilateral in the future to toward deeper integration into the global economy

Therefore, that means the Vietnamese enterprises are being placed in a fiercely competitive environment, and equality with other countries in the world. With such trends, improving governance capacity of corporate, product and service quality is a critical requirement for managers & leaders of Vietnamese enterprises in the integration process.

The enterprises need to meet the demands of increasingly saturated market and fierce competition on service quality, in addition must meet the requirement of integration standards as the standard of social & environmental responsibility .

So, the enterprises need to recognize, assess effect of processes for maintaining, implementing, applying its management system in a  serious and responsible manner. Regularly must improve in order to enhance productivity, service quality, reduce costs, enhance the governance capacity of corporate , including management of risk to the aspect of enterprise's manufacture and business.

To support enterprise meet the requirements of the integration process, VINTECOM International believes that the management consultant service professional  and comprehensive of management systems in accordance with international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, HACCP/GMP, ISO 13485, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 27001, WRAP, BSCI, SEDEX/ SMETA, OHSAS 18001/ ISO 26000/ BSCI, ISO 31000, ISO 17025, . . .  and the management tools improve productivity and quality such as Lean Production, 5S, KAIZEN, VDA 6. . . will help organizations and enterprises ready come in integration entrance confidently and successfully.

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