VDA 6.3 - Training services, process audit follow the VDA 6.3 of VDA-QMC at Premo Vietnam Co., Ltd.- a member of the Premo Group (Spain)

VDA 6.3 Training course and VDA 6.3 process audit services of VDA-QMC VINTECOM International has signed a cooperation agreement with PREMO Vietnam - a member company of PREMO Global Group based in Spain (Spain) to provide training package, The VDA 6.3 standard is developed by the German a <Detail>

ISO 9001: 2015 Consulting - Quality Management System for VietFiber Company Limited, a member of the  B &C Fiber Technology Group (Turkey)

ISO 9001 Consulting- Quality Management System for VietFiber Company Limited – The B&C Fiber Technology Group (Turkey)   VINTECOM International has officially reached an agreement to provide services of training, consulting, guidance on establishing, implementing and applying quality <Detail>

ISO 9001 consultant - Savvycom JSC,  developers and outsourcing international.

ISO 9001 Consultant for Software development Savvycom JSC., is the development and provision of services in software technology professional and reputable in Vietnam. Savvycom deployed packages provide services and offshore software development in: United States, Europe, Australia and Singapore, foc <Detail>

ISO 9001 consultants- Swire Cold Storage Group the provider service of cold storage international

Swire Group is a multi-sector economy, available in four continents and employs more than 130,000 people. The regional group's principal activity is in Asia, the Pacific West Coast, Australia, USA and UK. Swire based in Melbourne Australia, Swire Cold Storage is a service provider of cold storage a <Detail>

ISO Consultant of management systems under International ISO Standards, International Economic Integration Standards, TPP and ASEAN economic community

Consulting management  to meet the requirements of International Economic Integration, TPP and ASEAN economic community. International economic integration has helped the world become more flat than in the free-trade activity and investment. Vietnam joined the WTO, TPP, ASEAN Economic Community <Detail>

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