5S training, Kaizen, TQM and Lean Manufacturing / Six Sigma Training

5S training, Kaizen, TQM and Lean Manufacturing / Six Sigma Training

The 5S concept has its origin in Japan (first within Toyota) in the later part of 20th century. Each of the five S's denote the first letter of five Japanese words (Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, and Shitsuke) that outline the steps involved in modern workplace management / housekeeping.

The logic behind the 5S practices is that organization, neatness, cleanliness, standardization and self-discipline at the workplace can help production of high quality products and delivery of high quality services with little or no waste, and with high productivity.

The 5S has become the way of doing business not only to impress the customers but also to establish effective quality processes as prerequisites for good products and services.

You may carryout the 5S training and implementation separately or as part of ISO9001:2008 / Lean Manufacturing / Six Sigma implementation.

With its universal appeal, 5S can be effectively implemented in any organisation from any business sector.

The learning objectives of our 5-S training kit are:

To understand the 5-S concept
To learn the 5-S implementation steps, and
To learn how to assess the 5-S implementation status.
What is included in the kit ?

Our 'Learn-and-Teach' training slides (in Power Point and PDF) give a clear picture about 5-S (concept, application steps with examples, implementation roadmap, and evaluation criteria), elaborating on the following:

Brief historical background of 5-S, its benefits, and progress indicators
Explanation of each 'S' with lots of practical tips
Details of 5-S implementation programme, and
Five-level 5-S maturity assessment model.
The training kit consists of the following:

Power Point and PDF slides, ideal for conducting one-day (8 hours) classroom training programs
Study material (5S in detail) in pdf format
Guidelines for trainers, and
Question paper for conducting class test.

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