CQI-27 Training Course in Vietnam, CQI-08, CQI-09, CQI-11, CQI-12, CQI-15, CQI-17, CQI-23, CQI-27 in the automotive industry. Founded in 1982, AIAG is a globally recognized organization where OEMs and suppliers unite to address and resolve issues affecting the worldwide automotive supply chain.&nbs <Detail>

VDA 6.1 / VDA 6.3 - Quality management system of the automobile industry according to VDA-QMC standards of Germany The VDA 6.1 and VDA 6.3 standards were developed by VDA QMC (Qualitäts Management Center in Verband der Automobilindustrie) to meet the most stringent quality and safety demands in <Detail>

💢 IATF 16949: 2016 - Quality management system of the automobile industry according to International Automotive Task Force (IATF)  standards. ISO/TS 16949 (1st edition) was originally created in 1999 by the International Automotive Task Force (IATF) with the aim of harmonizing the differ <Detail>

CQI-08, CQI-09, CQI-11, CQI-12, CQI-15, CQI-17, CQI-23, CQI-27, CQI-29, CQI-30 Training Course in Vietnam - AIAG Special Process Assessments. VINTECOM International offers AIAG CQI-xx continuous quality improvement courses to support organizations and businesses in the global automotive co <Detail>

VDA 2 Training Course For Production Process & Product Approval (PPA) With the publication of this 6th edition the PPA Process has been completely restructured in order to describe the requirements relating to new or modified deliveries from external sources and those produced within the company <Detail>

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