VDA 6.1 and VDA 6.3 training course - QMS quality management system in the automotive manufacturing industry according to VDA-QMC (Germany)

VDA 6.1 / VDA 6.3 - Quality management system of the automobile industry according to VDA-QMC standards of Germany
The VDA 6.1 and VDA 6.3 standards were developed by VDA QMC (Qualitäts Management Center in Verband der Automobilindustrie) to meet the most stringent quality and safety demands in the German car manufacturing industry. The newly issued VDA 6.1 / VDA 6.3 standard in 2016 is based on the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 / IATF 16949: 2016, in addition to other industry requirements. German cars are included throughout the supply chain, especially requirements for new product development, customer testimonials, and requirements for continuous handling and improvement.

Apply VDA 6.1 / VDA 6.3 as a reference model for establishing basic management processes in the automotive industry. The introduction of standards helps to continuously improve product quality and customer satisfaction.

In order to assess compliance with this standard, the organization shall consider the following:

The company must determine what is the organization's strategic responsibility and orientation for products and services after the implementation of this standard. In particular, the involvement of senior management of the company and monitoring of all important implementation stages and processes are identified and employees must be aware of the importance of participation. their quality system and create a work environment that promotes the creative development of employees.

Clearly defining the need for training and education, the standard emphasizes the need to designate a person responsible for providing appropriate training, or can use the services of external organizations provided in the field. This includes courses, seminars and training,

Build a team of management systems and auditors, process and product auditors strong enough, with good knowledge, experience and quality management skills, and good knowledge of standards and quality tools such as 5core tools, 8D, 7Muda, SWOT, ISO 9001, ISO 19011, IATF 16949 ...

Create a system of management guidance documents, including a Quality Manual - describing the elements of the system that meet the requirements of this standard.,

Establish operational processes including methods to achieve defined process performance and ensure organizational success.

Implementing the management system for successful implementation is particularly effective communication, training, teamwork, staff involvement and rigorous project management at every stage.

Organizations and businesses wishing to train, consult or certify the quality management system of automotive QMS in accordance with VDA 6.1 / VDA 6.3 of VDA-QMC, please refer to the following:

I. Mode of Training:

1. Inhouse training or Public training (Number of learner: 10-20 persons/ 01 course)

2. Training location: as required by the learner at the customer location or VINTECOM International office in Ha Noi City & Ho Chi Minh City.

3. Training subjects: individuals, organizations and enterprises in need.

4. Training time: Please contact VINTECOM International office.

II. Subjects should participate in the training course:

1. Internal process auditors, individuals are assigned to manage QA/QC.

2. The process auditor of provider.

3. The key personnel at departments in the organization (to understand and properly apply ISO)

4. Middle and senior managers (to understand and direct)

5. Managers of quality management department, head of department, deputy of department and personnel of QA/ QC department.

III. Information of training course:

1. Training experts are approved capacity according to VINTECOM International standards, at least 10 years of experience in training, teaching, management consultancy or approved the lead auditor that registered by an international certification body.

2. Fully equipped the training support facilities including quality standards for learners.

3. The course includes group practice, situations, review and knowledge test exam after the end of the course.

IV. What do you get when you participate in the course:

1. Opportunity to learn in a professional environment, a training expert team has knowledge and skills that are approved according to VINTECOM International standards.

2. Understand the standard requirements, help learners be able to apply the necessary procedures and records into real work.

3. Ensure that you have enough necessary knowledge to convey to your employees and laborers understand how benefits of knowledge added and it will bring opportunities to them in current work.

4. Know how to solve arising problems or unexpected results in quality management to build appropriate measures to solve the current difficult problems that the factory is facing.

5. Saving costs and time, improving efficiency and productivity, solving quality problems and improvements are increasingly enhanced.

V. Training certificate for completing course

Learners fully participate in the course duration and take the exam to reach at least 55/70 points for the internal auditor and 75/100 for the lead auditor and the auditor of provider will get the certificate that is issued by VINTECOM International

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