VDA 2 Training Course - Production Process & Product Approval (PPA) for QMS Quality Management System in the German Automotive Manufacturing Industry (VDA QMC- Die deutschen Automobilhersteller)

VDA 2 Training Course For Production Process & Product Approval (PPA)
With the publication of this 6th edition the PPA Process has been completely restructured in order to describe the requirements relating to new or modified deliveries from external sources and those produced within the company.
Developed by the German automotive industry VDA 2, Production Process &a Product Approval (PPA) defines a structured approach to product and process approval.This is the German automotive industry equivalent of the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP).
This 5th edition of the publication has been completely restructured in order to describe the requirements relating to the approval of new or modified parts.
Organizations and businesses wishing registration to training course accordance with VDA 2 of VDA-QMC, please refer to the following:
I. Mode of Training:
1. Inhouse training or Public training (Number of learner: 10 persons/ 01 course)
2. Training location: as required by the learner at the customer location or VINTECOM International office in Ha Noi City & Ho Chi Minh City.
3. Training subjects: individuals, organizations and enterprises in need.
4. Training time: Please contact VINTECOM International office.
II. Subjects should participate in the training course:
1. Internal process auditors, individuals are assigned to manage QA/QC.
2. The process auditor of provider.
3. The key personnel at departments in the organization (to understand and properly apply ISO/ IATF/ VDA)
4. Middle and senior managers (to understand and direct)
5. Managers of quality management department, head of department, deputy of department and personnel of QA/ QC department.
III. Information of training course:
1. Training experts are approved capacity according to VINTECOM International standards, at least 10 years of experience in training, teaching, management consultancy or approved the lead auditor that registered by an international certification body.
2. Fully equipped the training support facilities including quality standards for learners.
3. The course includes group practice, situations, review and knowledge test exam after the end of the course.
IV. What do you get when you participate in the course:
1. Opportunity to learn in a professional environment, a training expert team has knowledge and skills that are approved according to VINTECOM International standards.
2. Understand the standard requirements, help learners be able to apply the necessary procedures and records into real work.
3. Ensure that you have enough necessary knowledge to convey to your employees and laborers understand how benefits of knowledge added and it will bring opportunities to them in current work.
4. Know how to solve arising problems or unexpected results in quality management to build appropriate measures to solve the current difficult problems that the factory is facing.
5. Saving costs and time, improving efficiency and productivity, solving quality problems and improvements are increasingly enhanced.
V. Training certificate for completing course
Learners fully participate in the course duration and take the exam to reach at least 55/70 points for the internal auditor and 75/100 for the lead auditor and the auditor of provider will get the certificate that is issued by VINTECOM International.

VINTECOM Trainer are approve with full capacity, qualifications and experience according to international standards of VINTECOM experts, ensuring at least 10 years of experience in quality management, having participated in implementation for foreign companies and corporations. production technology in the Global supply chain such as: BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Bosch, Nidec, Hyosung, Olympus, SamSung, Canon... with the role of trainer, assessor, understanding and application Proficient in quality productivity management tools to improve and enhance production processes such as: 5 core tools, Lean production, 5S, TPM, 7Muda, 8D, 7QC 

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