ESG (Environmental Social Governance) Consulting and training in Vietnam in the sustainable development investment strategy to join the global supply chain.

ESG (Environmental Social Governance) Consulting and ESG Training in Vietnam
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing has become increasingly mainstream in recent years. ESG investing means investing in enterprises that have strong records on environmental issues (e.g. reducing  carbon emissions, using resources more efficiently and cutting down waste production and complying with environmental regulations), on social issues (e.g. ensuring workplace safety, decent work, diversity and inclusion, and observing the data and privacy requirements for employees), and on governance issues (e.g. executives’ salary levels, composition of the board, shareholder voting rights, the enterprise’s stance on bribery and corruption). Globally this type of investing accounts for somewhere between  one and two out of every four  investment dollars. More than 2,250 money managers  who collectively oversee US$80 trillion in assets have now signed on to the United Nations-backed Principles for Responsible Investment.

ESG investing at the top of the priority list for  corporates and investors. However, that is changing and these issues will have an increasingly important impact on the investment  landscape. Sustainability in business is a megatrend and it will continue to grow. That cannot exclude small and medium-sized companies. Companies  big and small will experience increased demands and expectations regarding how they conduct business.
The reality is marked by the dominance of industries, high exposure to climate change and pressing  developmental needs. The dominance of  industries poses a clear obstacle to the rise of ‘green’ investment strategies on the continent is the world’s most  commodity-dependent region, and much of its income is a product of the export of industrial, energy, petroleum products, coal, metals and minerals.  Yet there  are more opportunities for investors  to make a positive environmental or social impact than in any other region in the world.
This VINTECOM training and consulting  guide will explain how trends  and legislation  in ESG issues  have a direct relevance  to enterprises throughout the continent and how employer and business membership organizations can support them.

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