CQI-08, CQI-09, CQI-11, CQI-12, CQI-15, CQI-17, CQI-23, CQI-27, CQI-29, CQI-30 Training Course in Vietnam - AIAG Special Process Assessments- Automobile Industry developed best practices for special processes

CQI-08, CQI-09, CQI-11, CQI-12, CQI-15, CQI-17, CQI-23, CQI-27, CQI-29, CQI-30 Training Course in Vietnam - AIAG Special Process Assessments.
VINTECOM International offers AIAG CQI-xx continuous quality improvement courses to support organizations and businesses in the global automotive component supply and production chain. Courses include:
CQI-8 Layered Process Audit
CQI-9 Special Process: Heat Treat System Assessment
CQI-11 Special Process: Plating System Assessment
CQI-12 Special Process: Coating System Assessment
CQI-15 Special Process: Welding System Assessment
CQI-17 Special Process: Soldering System Assessment
CQI-23 Special Process: Molding System Assessment
CQI-27 Special Process: Casting System Assessment
CQI-29 Special Process: Brazing System Assessment
CQI-30 Special Process: Rubber System Assessment 
The goal of the AIAG Special Process Initiative is the reduction of campaigns, spills, recalls and warranty claims related to components from “Special Processes.” The Special Process Initiative is comprised of individual work groups that develop assessments based on best practices and designed to provide a means of continual improvement, emphasizing defect prevention and reduction of variation and waste in the supply chain.
The benefits of using system assessments for your special processes include:
+ Assesses an organizations ability to meet customer requirements
+ Align expectations between suppliers and customers
+ Reduces waste, variation, and defects
+ Increase customer satisfaction
Currently, the Training Instructors are fully qualified and qualified according to the international VINTECOM expert standards, ensuring at least 10 years of experience in quality management, especially in the field of manufacturing the automobile industry has participated in implementation for foreign companies and production technology groups in the global supply chain such as: BMW, Mercedes, Porche, Bosch, Nidec, Hyosung, Olympus, SamSung, Canon, Hyundai... and proficiently apply quality productivity management tools to improve and enhance the capacity of production processes such as: CQI-xx, Lean 6 Sigma, 5 Core Tools, Lean production, 5S, TPM, tools Software Minitab, 7Muda, 8D, 7QC, 3D/5S-6S.

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