8D Training Course - The process of solving the problem according to Eight Disciplines

What is 8D? 8D Training Course - The process of solving the problem according to Eight Disciplines

The 8D approach (Eight Disciplines) is a process of solving the problem systematic used to solve various problems in the management system of the organization. The 8D process enables problem solving teams to identify root causes, develop appropriate actions to eliminate root causes, and take corrective action to prevent recurrence.

The training course of VINTECOM International will help learners to solve problems in your company or organization to be sequentially, clear and professional in 8 steps:

+  Identify the problem

+  Set up a team to solve the problem

+  Describe the issues to be addressed

+  Establish measures of interim containment

+  Identify causes and solve the causes

+  Select appropriate measures

+  Make and confirm measures

+  Prevent recurrence

+  Evaluate record of the group’s results

A. Course’s Objectives will equip learners:

- Understand the 8D problem solving process

- Describe the goal of each step of the 8D problem solving process  

- Explain the using of problem solving tools for each step of the 8D problem solving process

- Determine the role of the 8D problem solving team

- Identify important success factors for 8D effective problem solving

B. Contents of the training course:

1. Introduction to Problem Solving 8D

    What is the problem?

    What is problem solving?

    What is 8D problem solving?

    The benefits of 8D problem solving

    General of 8D problem solving Process

2. The role of the 8D problem solving team

    What is a problem solving team?

    The role of the champion

    The role of team leader

    The role of group members

    The role of the instructor

3. 8D problem solving Process - Step-by-step approach Method

    Problem solving techniques

    Problem solving process based on the PDCA     approach

    Problem solving process 8D

    Importance of an 8D report

     8D report template

     Example of 8D reporting form

     D0: Plan

     D1: Establist the group

     D2: Describe the problem

     D3: Develop a temporary containment action

     D4: Determine the root cause

     D5: Select and define the corrective action

     D6: Make and confirm corrective actions

     D7: Prevent recurrence

     D8: Reward review group

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