6 Sigma Training course - Quantitative method in improving processes of enhancing competitive advantage for organizations and businesses

What is 6 Sigma? 6 Sigma Training course - Quantitative method in improving processes for organizations & businesses to enhance competitive advantage.


6 Sigma is a management strategy that uses data and statistical measurement tools to optimize business process. Originally used by big companies such as Motorola and General Electrics (GE), 6 Sigma applies tools and techniques to eliminate defects and reduce process variability. By equipping learners with the necessary knowledge to understand and practice Six Sigma methodologies, which focuses on improving products, services and processes that contribute significantly to the profitability of organizations and businesses.


6 Sigma, as a statistical term is used to evaluate the deviation of other given processes with perfection. By identifying the number of defects, and then give the solutions to eliminate them. In other words, with 6 Sigma will be no more than 0.00034% or 3.4 defects per million opportunities (DPMO).


Why 6 Sigma is important to organizations and businesses?


VINTECOM International offers the 6 Sigma training course and the application of methodologies in improving business processes through the use of efficient resources and focus on customer expectations and needs. Implementing Six Sigma strategies will allow the organization to increase the level of process performance with a very low error range.


Furthermore, the learner will gain 6 Sigma expert level will be able to demonstrate proficiency in process improvement and assist the Company finds out the internal factors that have a positive influence on the organization's competitiveness in a global free market economy.

VINTECOM International provides Lean Six Sigma training courses for students to choose from 3 levels as below:

1. Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Training Objectives: To provide participants with the basic knowledge about Lean Six Sigma at the first level (the yellow belt) to be able to participate as a quality improvement group manager. Learners can grasp the basics, how to collect and evaluate processes with an understanding of the complexity that needs to be followed throughout the organization.

Participants: quality management team leaders and managers, key individuals in the quality team.

2. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Training Objective: To provide participants with advanced knowledge of the Lean Six Sigma Gold Belt on Level 2 (Green Belt) to enable them to take on the role of middle management. Learners can know the knowledge to manage a project, production line, perform analytical evaluation and produce results and ideas to improve the process capacity and product quality and service of the organization.

Participants: middle management, project management / production line, QA / QC staff, and key individuals. Learners must also complete the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt.

3. Six Sigma Black Belt

Training Objective: To provide participants with advanced knowledge of Lean Six Sigma at Level 3 (Black Belt) in order to be able to participate as a senior manager. Learners are able to grasp the knowledge in order to develop, review, evaluate a project, analyze the project impact report to make decisions that contribute to the success of any projects.

Participants: senior management, QA / QC manager, key personnel, key personnel in the plant. Learners must also complete the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

Please note:

       Participants should ensure that their work experience requirements are met in a number of key positions, such as QA / QC, production management, production processes and factory quality improvement.

       Ensure availability of sample devices, personal computers to practice application software analysis process.

       For the Six Sigma Black Belt course, trainees are trained on a specific project that is practically assigned with independent performance.

Trainer: Approved for full-time proficiency, more than 10 years of experience in quality management with the role of Six Sigma Black Belt, knowledgeable and proficient use of quality management tools to Improve production processes such as: 5 core tools, lean production, 5S, TPM, TQM, 7Muda ....

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