Total productive maintenance (TPM) training course

What is TPM? Total productive maintenance (TPM) training course

Total productive maintenance (TPM) is a maintenance program defined to maintain the plant's operational status and machinery with the goal is to increase work performance reduce the downtime due to malfunction or repair of machine, while improving employee morale and job satisfaction. TPM brings the focus to maintenance as an essential and extremely important part of business operations that help to achieve the key objectives as below:


Ø  Reduce wastage of production and business activities follow the 7 Muda principle that the organization is placed in an environment of rapid economic integration.

Ø  Improve production efficiency, operate machinery and equipment but do not reduce the quality of product.

Ø  Reduce production costs due to malfunction, repair and downtime.

Ø  Ensure timely production, just in time JIT

Ø  Improve production process capacity, minimize defects.

Types of maintenance related to your business:

1. Breakdown maintenance:

For this type of maintenance, don’t care about the machine, until the equipment is broken and repairs will be made then. This type of maintenance can be used when equipment’s faults do not significantly affect operation or production or generate any significant damage other than repair costs.  However, one important aspect is that defects from a spare part in a large machine can harm the operator. Hence the need to maintain the problem.

2. Preventive maintenance:

Daily maintenance (cleaning, checking, oiling or tightening) to keep the operating status of the equipment and prevent breakdown or failure through routine inspection or diagnostics, damage of equipment. It is divided into periodic maintenance and predictive maintenance.

2a Time Based Maintenance (TBM)

Time based maintenance includes equipment that periodic inspect, service, clean and replace parts to avoid sudden crashes and process problems.

For example: Replace coolant or oil periodically for 15 days.

2b Predictive maintenance

This is a method in which longevity of important parts is predicted based on checking or diagnostics, to use the parts within limit their lifespan. Compared to time based maintenance, Predictive maintenance is predicated base on condition. It manages trend value, by measuring and analyzing data about attenuation through the use of a monitoring system.

The basic objectives when applying TPM should include:

The Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) must be clearly defined, normally when apply TPM, the plant needs to be built with the level of OEE> 85%.

OEE = A x P x Q

In which:

A: Availability

A = (Actual machine running time/ plan machine running time) x 100%

P: Performance

P = (Actual machine running capacity/ Design capacity) x 100%

Q: Quality

Q = (The quantity of products meets the quality standards / Number of products produced) x 100%


In order for the OEE to reach a high level, make sure the following factors are met:

- Availability A: 90 %

- Performance P: 95 %

- Quality Q: 99.99 %

·Zero Product Defects

·Zero Equipment Unplanned Failures

·Zero Accidents


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